Bankruptcy in Brantford, Ontario: How Does It Work?

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As long-time residents of Brantford are very well aware, Brantford, Ontario, Canada has had it’s ups and downs. Road signs leading into Branford still call us the “Telephone City”, because Alexander Graham Bell developed the telephone in Brantford. And of course all residents continue to brag that the greatest hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, was born and raised in Brantford.

Unfortunately Brantford has also had it’s economic problems. The closing of the Massey Ferguson plant, Brantford’s largest employer, in the 1980’s caused an economic down-turn that lasted for many years. Only recently have new employers begun to locate in the Brantford area, creating much needed jobs.

In fact, many residents of Brantford work outside of Brantford. Since the cost of living tends to be less expensive in Brantford than in Hamilton, Mississauga or Toronto, many people live in Brantford and work in Cambridge, Kitchener, Hamilton or other cities.

Unfortunately the ups and downs of the job market can cause problems for Brantford residents, which will often lead to serious financial problems.

If you are experiencing money problems in Brantford, Ontario, you have many options, including credit counselling and consumer proposals. And if all options fail, the final option is personal bankruptcy.

We have prepared a series of articles that explains the bankruptcy process in Brantford Ontario.

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We also suggest you read the Bankruptcy Brantford Blog, written by Douglas Hoyes, Trustee in Bankruptcy, for the most up to date information about bankruptcy in Brantford.

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